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There once was a kingdom, majestic in all of its glory. The kingdom was of man's rule. An oddity in the world it called home. For, at that time in history, the world was filled with magic and creatures that we call myth today. Dragons, ogres, giants, dwarves, and many other manners of sorts lived there. Back then, they didn't call it Earth. They called it Azon. The kingdom of man called itself Naria. It was a monarchial empire and it rested at the center of world, bordered by the only other civilizations, the Kingdom of the Dwarves to the south, the Empire of the Elves to the west, and the Clans of the Giants to the north. To the east there was a foul place, called the Land of Shadowed Sun, nicknamed the Eclipsed Realm, due to the fact that the sun's rays never graced its soil. Crops didn't grow, there were no rivers, and the local fauna was not that pleasant either.  All of these factors made sure that no sane person would live there. Only outcasts, exiles, and the occasional witch ever called the place home. Rumors tell that it became a safe haven for outlaws, thieves, and rogues. And this was also the domain of the exiled prince, Nalon. Said exile was currently overlooking the border that separated Naria and the Eclipsed Realm. Foul thoughts, thoughts of revenge, ran rampant through his mind. He wanted all of them to suffer, like he did 13 years ago. His scowl deepened. As much as he could do, there wasn't much that couldn't be fixed. He needed a more permanent solution, something that'll give a real blow to the King and Queen. His black cloak blowing in the wind like the wings of a vampire bat, he turned around and started to walk across the barren ground. Nalon's features were indistinguishable in the darkness that seemed to seep from his very core. Soon, he arrived at a tall, black tower. So black, a normal human eye would not be able to discern it from the rest of the shadowed landscape. Nalon walked through the intricate doorway that was guarded by two stone golems, faces twisted in grimacing scowls.  He walked up the stone staircase, the only light coming from the torches lining the walls. Up and up he climbed the curled steps. He soon arrived at a wooden door with a golden skull knocker. It had no doorknob. Creaking from age, it slowly pulled itself inward. Bookshelves lined the walls. There was one window looking over the terrain of the Eclipsed Realm. In the center of the room was a single pedestal, holding an ink pot made out of a human skull and a very large tome. He lifted his hand and the book started to hover, it the puppet and Nalon the master. It came forward to the exiled man and opened. He lifted his fore finger and a small candle flew to his hand from a small table from the corner. He lit it by whispering, "Ignite!" Suddenly, it burst to flame. He started to leaf through the pages, barely glancing before moving on. Then, something caught his eye. The man leaned in, holding the candle closer to the page.  On it was a spell, rather a curse. A sneer came across his face. This is what he would use to get back what was owed him. But who would he target? The King? No, then people would get too suspicious. The Queen? No, same problem as before. What about their …… Nalon instantly found his target. Now, how could he do it? Influence her mind? No, too easy for his talent. What about…. Success! Nalon threw back his head and started to cackle. He lowered his head, an evil smirk plastered on his face. He was going to enjoy this.
The opening for my orinal series, Kursed! More is to come, so keep checking back for an update!
Kursed- A Different Sort of Fairy-Tale
When a young princess goes missing, a young stableboy sets out to find her when he is given a map to where she is hidden. Also, he is given this warning,"She is trapped by a monster, so keep your wits sharp!" When he finally arrives, he finds a beast alright, but where's the princess?
shyguy444 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
OH!! "cursed"!
I thought you meant the character Kursed

By the way: can you help me with somthing?
I just put a novel on the net, and It doesn't appear...
Only the title...
heatblast996 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
Uh, what? Could you give me more details please?
shyguy444 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I wrote that long ago...
The problem's already solved
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